Paula Miller

Living in London for many years, Paula began her formal studies in natural health first by completing Usui Reiki certification (I and II). She then went on to commence her studies in Chinese medicine at the Integrated College of Chinese Medicine in Reading, returning to Australia to complete her Bachelor qualification at University of Technology, Sydney. Paula also spent time observing the integration of traditional and modern medical practice in Hanoi, Vietnam at their National Hospital of Traditional Medicine.

While enjoying helping people with a wide range of health needs, Paula has a particular interest in helping people with:

  • addressing various aspects of women’s health issues (eg supporting IVF treatment, assisting with pelvic pain)
  • support for stress-related symptoms (eg anxiety or insomnia)
  • nasal and/or allergic issues (eg relief of headaches associated with sinusitis or hayfever)


In addition to her Bachelor degree in Chinese Medicine, Paula also holds a Bachelor of Arts and enjoys languages, different cultures and travel. She maintains a regular yoga practice in addition to dance, music and spending time near the ocean.

Fire cupping30 mins$65
Acupuncture initial appt60 mins$140
Acupuncture follow-up45 mins$115

45-60 minutes

Reiki60 mins$120
Acupuncture follow-up plus Reiki60 mins$130

Acupuncture plus Reiki

Acupuncture follow-up 10-pack60 mins$100

Pre-paid pack $1000

Acupuncture follow-up 6-pack60 mins$105

Pre-paid pack $630

Acupuncture follow-up 3-pack60 mins$110

Pre-paid pack $330

Acupuncture follow-up 4-pack – Pre-birth60 mins$110

Pre-paid pack $440 (additional single sessions at $105 )