Lucia Hains

What I appreciate about Chinese Medicine is its all-encompassing nature. It recognises the whole person, not just parts or individual symptoms.

All the niggly bits that don’t seem related? There’s an explanation for it. Those bits are like words in a sentence – we just need to listen to the body with an open heart.

When you go to a Chinese medicine practitioner, you can trust that they have a way forward. Your practitioner embodies this system, and they help you to remember what “feeling good” really means FOR YOU.

My interest in the health field was sparked at a young age when very close family members were dealing with serious health problems. I saw what a positive effect the care professionals could have on the patient, and their loved ones. I always had an interest in the medical/health arena, and it sprouted into the realm of complementary medicines after I had my children. Here I found deep satisfaction because I could see the whole picture. I researched and tried out many different therapies, always looking for “The One” that spoke to all parts of my being. Einstein seemed to speak to my core nature: “I am passionately curious”.

When I found Chinese Medicine, I knew my search was satisfied.

This system of medicine requires me to be curious. I get to look at all levels of information to arrive at an understanding of the person in front of me. It asks me to put all the bits of the jigsaw together to provide a whole (mind-body-spirit) picture of the person.

I see my role as that of a guide. I witness and guide you into your inner realm, gently and methodically. Once there, your SELF understands what to do next. It’s like finding an oasis after being in the desert. Chinese medicine gives me the map. I support you to reach your oasis, empowering you to walk your journey of healing.

I act as a catalyst, spending an hour or two each week, offering support and information; little golden nuggets of time-tested information, that you can try-on and incorporate into your life, or use as guideposts for you to navigate your own life.

Qualifications and training

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine) – University of Technology Sydney
  • Bachelor of Information Technology and Communication – University of New South Wales

Accreditation & Registration

  • Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Chinese Medicine Board of Australia / AHPRA
  • Accredited member, Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) –

Bookings and enquiries

Ph (02) 9938 2182

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Cupping and/or Gua Sha30 mins$65
Acupuncture follow-up 10-pack60 mins$90

Pre-paid pack $900

Acupuncture follow-up 6-pack60 mins$95

Pre-paid pack $570

Acupuncture follow-up 3-pack60 mins$100

Pre-paid pack $300

Acupuncture initial appt60 mins$125
Acupuncture follow-up60 mins$105

45-60 minutes

DayMorning (7am-2pm)Evening (2pm-9pm)