Hayfever Relief Program

We’ve been providing support for Northern Beaches people with hayfever for over 15 years.

We’ve condensed our years of experience into our Hayfever Relief Program.


Hayfever program (The Village Healing Centre, Northern Beaches, Curl Curl)


What makes our Program special?

Our Hayfever Relief Program stands out because it combines:

  • Years of experience: we’ve learned a lot over the years, and we’re here to share our knowledge with you.
  • Ancient wisdom: we incorporate ancient medicinal practices and knowledge.
  • Modern research: our program is backed by up-to-date research.
  • Customised approaches: we tailor our methods to suit your unique needs.

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How does the Program work?

Our program operates in three stages:

  1. Short-term relief: we focus on alleviating immediate symptoms.
  2. Medium-term solutions: we address the root causes of your symptoms.
  3. Long-term well-being: we help you maintain lasting positive change.

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How long does the Program take?

The duration of our Hayfever Relief Program varies based on your individual needs:

  • Symptom relief typically begins within a couple of weeks.
  • Achieving significant positive change usually takes 2-3 months.
  • Long-term consolidation depends on your specific situation.

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Program cost

Costs are tailored to your requirements, with packages designed to encourage commitment to the full program. We typically package the first 2-3 months, with additional stages as needed.

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Why choose our program?

Our Hayfever Relief Program offers:

  • Extensive clinical experience to streamline your healing.
  • Evidence-based methods validated by research.
  • A personalized approach rooted in Chinese medicine.
  • A variety of methods tailored to your unique needs.
  • Services like acupuncture, herbal medicine, and more.


How can I get started?

To begin your journey to hayfever relief, simply complete our Booking Request Form. Mention your interest in the Hayfever Relief Program, and we’ll handle the rest.



Hayfever Relief Program – Overview


What’s special about our Hayfever Program?

Here’s why we think our Hayfever Program is pretty special, and why it could be just what you’re looking for:

  • Our Hayfever Program includes years of our clinical experience, which means we’ve got lots of tricks and insights that can make your healing path more efficient
  • The program also includes evidence-based methods, which means that we can also look to the research to see what tends to help people on a group level (and we always reality-check that those methods work in real life!)
  • The program’s foundation is the powerful and insightful Chinese medicine framework, which means it’s tailored to you as an individual and exactly where you’re at, while drawing on thousands of years of handed-down experience of what has helped in the past
  • We bring a range of methods to address different layers, with the combination and timing of methods tailored to you. This means no more accumulating random things, not sure what’s working, and getting overwhelmed. Everything in your Hayfever Relief Program is matched to where you are now, moving towards your body’s own clearer state of health.
  • Our methods can include:


How does the Hayfever Program work?

Before your first appointment

You’ll fill in a Health Evaluation Form as part of the intake process. This gives us lots of information to start understanding your unique needs, even before we meet you.


At your first appointment

At your first appointment we’ll hear your story and we might ask some clarifying questions – this helps us really match the medicine to you.

You’ll also experience your first acupuncture session, offering immediate benefits like relaxation, pain relief, or improved sleep.


Individual Treatment Program

Before your next session we’ll prepare your Individual Treatment Program. This program guides you from symptom discomfort to lasting better health.


The deeper aim of your Program

We aim to address the conditions that initially caused your symptoms.


Stages in your Program

Short-term stage: Symptom relief ASAP

  • Focused on natural methods to address hayfever symptoms.
  • Addresses the root issue simultaneously, improving overall health.

Medium-term stage: Addressing underlying conditions

  • Shifts focus to the deeper processes beneath your symptoms.
  • Analyzes individual differences and underlying conditions.
  • Utilizes Chinese medicine’s detailed framework to address individual health needs.
  • Creates understanding for you to inhabit the “new normal” – state of improved overall health.

Long-term stage: Consolidation and empowerment

  • Consolidates positive shifts in the root issue.
  • Helps you create a personalized “Educated Self-Care” program.
  • Empowers you to maintain better health long-term.

This will continue to bring benefits for the rest of your life!

How long will my Hayfever Relief Program take?

The length of your Hayfever Relief Program depends on various factors, including your starting point and your commitment to our recommendations. We emphasise that healing is not always linear, and we adapt to your unique needs.

  • Symptom relief: Most people start feeling better within the first couple of weeks.
  • Your root issue or underlying condition: Some dysfunction patterns are deeper, more structural, or more entwined with other patterns. Others are more functional and shift more quickly. The key to finding lasting symptom relief is to change the underlying condition. You should see shifts in the underlying condition within 2-3 months on average.
  • Following our recommendations: We’ve found that people heal more efficiently when they follow our recommendations. Chinese medicine is thousands of years of collected wisdom and we love to share this with you. We’ve helped thousands of people make positive changes, in a way that feels good.
  • Empowerment: An important part of our approach is your empowerment. The final stage of your Program is creating a plan to maintain your great results. And because we’re working with underlying conditions, you’ll often find that your overall health feels a lot better too.

What’s the cost of the Hayfever Program?

We package our recommendations so that you’re rewarded for making a commitment to the whole process. Because in our experience, sticking with the process helps people heal better.

We usually create a package for the first 2-3 months. It’s packaged to be more cost effective to pay up-front, which will include all your acupuncture sessions, herbs, supplements and so on.

Then the “root issue” and long-term work can be packaged separately, once it’s clear what you need for positive long-term change.

You may prefer to pay for everything separately, and this will be at the normal retail value for each component. The choice is yours, but our packages are there to reward you for making your commitment to the whole process.

Ready to begin?

Go to our Booking Request Form and note that you’d like to do the Hayfever Relief Program.

We’ll take care of the rest – we’ll set you up with your first appointment and send you the forms to complete, plus other useful info.


We’re looking forward to supporting you on your healing path.
You can enjoy smelling the roses again!


Hayfever program (The Village Healing Centre, Northern Beaches, Curl Curl)