Welcome to The Village Healing Centre

We are a collective of independent Acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine Practitioners, serving the Northern Beaches community in Curl Curl since 2008.
Chinese Medicine is about bringing the whole person back to a state of health and equilibrium.

Reducing symptoms and decreasing pain is one part of the solution to health problems.

Regaining the body’s self-healing intelligence invites a deeper sense of recovery and helps you enjoy the feeling of wellbeing. Why simply suppress or prevent symptoms, when you have the opportunity to feel deeply satisfied on your healing path.

Scroll down to find out more about our practitioners and our philosophy.

Our practitioners

All of our Chinese Medicine Practitioners:

  • are fully qualified – usually at university level
  • are nationally registered with AHPRA
  • are fully insured
  • uphold membership with professional associations
  • complete many hours of ongoing professional and clinical education each year


Treatments offered include


You can trust our warm, caring and professional service when we assess and treat your health and wellbeing needs.

Practitioner profiles

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Our philosophy

Healing is more than just reducing symptoms. True wellbeing comes about when every part of life is supported, and wholesome connections are strengthened.
Previously known as Ocean Acupuncture, our new name, “The Village Healing Centre”, represents the way that our care extends from each client in the consultation room, and ripples out through our community.
Healing is about being supported.
Humans throughout history have come together in times of sickness and distress. From a mother’s hand on the forehead of her sick child, to the casseroles and child-minding and flowers that are offered when someone is going through a hard time… It is natural for us to support one another, and we believe that professional health care should reflect that natural warmth and support.
We care about the whole person.
When someone is going through pain, illness or uncertainty with their health, it can be a really scary time. We show up during that time with our knowledge, skills and treatment methods to help the body and mind regain equilibrium. Chinese medicine emphasises that the “spirit” (mind) is deeply interconnected with the physical body, and health is about re-finding a state of both physical and mental wellbeing.
Knowledge is power.
We provide education to individual clients as well as in courses, workshops and free talks. When it comes to health and wellbeing, empowerment is peace.
It takes a village to nurture true health and wellbeing.
We have cultivated a network of warm, caring and professional practitioners from a range of health modalities that can support you on your journey back to wellbeing. Sometimes healing is a team effort, and in this case we can introduce you to just the right person who can add value to your journey.
We hope to see you soon!