Other Health Issues

We help people to:

  • manage the symptoms of their health conditions
  • help control side effects
  • emotionally adjust to chronic or complex health conditions
  • provide deep relaxation for overall health improvement


Here are some examples of how we may help people with a range of health needs:

  • People looking for long-term emotional support and stress relief for a complex health condition
  • People with a chronic health condition seeking assistance with symptoms, for example sleep disturbance, anxiety, headaches or other pain
  • Hayfever sufferers wanting effective treatment
  • Effective treatment and prevention for headaches or migraine
  • Help with multidisciplinary management of sports injury such as tennis elbow
  • Relieving depression associated with pain in a chronic pain condition
  • Reducing stress-related symptoms such as anxiety, sleep problems, pain or migraines
  • Supporting people with cancer through their treatment, recovery and remission – with emotional support, stress relief and management of symptoms


Every person is different, and we always aim to treat the individual. Contact us to find out more about whether our approach might be right for you.


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