Holiday hours Dec 2022 – Jan 2023

Our last day is Thu 22nd Dec and we return Mon 9th Jan. Wishing you a peaceful and restorative holiday season!

Recipe: Nut Roast – Christmas in July

Frosty weather and dark evenings - perfect for a hearty Christmas in July! Delicious nutrient-dense nut roast, a real crowd-pleaser!

Christmas: Cookies, Getting organised, Catering, Gifts that give

Stay out of the malls this year as much as you can! Bake at home, buy charity gifts online and plan ahead so you're ready to set sail during the festive season. Reduce or remove everything that harms your body and the planet. Rejoice in simple food, good company, restful relaxation and the joy of sharing.

Silly Season survival tips

  Will you start your holidays in good health, ready to enjoy the magic of summer? Or are you, like most people, rushing to meet all […]