MEDITATION COURSE – Open for all levels of experience

This workshop series includes meditation and relaxation techniques designed to help you take time out, recuperate your energy; and reconnect with yourself. A great way to honour yourself as you start the new year.

Giving Yourself the Gift of Sleep

Sleep is amazing medicine, given to you - for free - every single day!

3 Things to Do Before Bed for Great Sleep

Do you crave better sleep? Here are 3 essential practices you can do straight away to get better, more nourishing sleep.

Exercise and the Breath: Secret to Vitality

Here is a simple secret to strengthening your vitality, boosting longevity and giving you an efficient workout. It’s all to do with the breath…

Consciously creating: The final steps

The final steps in creating change are Listening to the Heart and Taking Action. What would you love to create more of in your life?

Consciously creating: The next steps

The next steps in creating change are Sorting and Releasing...

Consciously creating: The first steps

The first steps to creating change are Recognising and Accepting...

Consciously Creating: The 6 Steps

Take some time towards consciously creating what you would like to experience, learn or achieve this year...

The 6 Foundations of Feeling Great

Put your best foot forward with the 6 Foundations of Wellbeing...

Ginseng – the wonder herb

Feeling tired? Finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Feeling the effects of stress? Looking for a pick-me-up that's better than caffeine? Maybe you need ginseng!