Emotions and mood


Acupuncture and IVF – embryo transfer and supportive treatment

Many women contact the clinic after hearing about acupuncture helping to improve IVF outcomes, whether having done their own research or having been recommended by their fertility specialist. At this clinic, we take a whole-person approach to IVF support, working with body-mind strategies to increase wellbeing and reduce stress.

MEDITATION COURSE – Open for all levels of experience

This workshop series includes meditation and relaxation techniques designed to help you take time out, recuperate your energy; and reconnect with yourself. A great way to honour yourself as you start the new year.

IVF – what else should I be doing?

"What else should I be doing?" This is the #1 question that women ask us when they are doing IVF. Here's some of the advice that we give women when they ask us this question...

Consciously creating: The final steps

The final steps in creating change are Listening to the Heart and Taking Action. What would you love to create more of in your life?

Consciously creating: The next steps

The next steps in creating change are Sorting and Releasing...

Consciously creating: The first steps

The first steps to creating change are Recognising and Accepting...

Consciously Creating: The 6 Steps

Take some time towards consciously creating what you would like to experience, learn or achieve this year...

The 6 Foundations of Feeling Great

Put your best foot forward with the 6 Foundations of Wellbeing...

Udo’s plant-based “fish oils” with DHA

Udo's oil is a food product that can be used in place of fish oils. It even contains DHA and is 100% plant-based.