The 6 Pillars of Sustained Good Health


Why do we need water?

You are connected to every river and ocean, and in fact every living being on Earth, through your body’s connection with water...

Consciously creating: The final steps

The final steps in creating change are Listening to the Heart and Taking Action. What would you love to create more of in your life?

Consciously creating: The next steps

The next steps in creating change are Sorting and Releasing...

Consciously creating: The first steps

The first steps to creating change are Recognising and Accepting...

Consciously Creating: The 6 Steps

Take some time towards consciously creating what you would like to experience, learn or achieve this year...

How to make genuine New Year resolutions

Here we learn how to make New Year resolutions that actually mean something to you. Focus on what you love, then welcome more of that into your life this year...

3 Simple Steps to Welcome the New Year

Happy New Year! For the whole month of January, we will focus on welcoming the New Year. We can use this symbolic time of renewal to discover more meaning and joy in our lives...