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Christmas: Cookies, Getting organised, Catering, Gifts that give

Stay out of the malls this year as much as you can! Bake at home, buy charity gifts online and plan ahead so you're ready to set sail during the festive season. Reduce or remove everything that harms your body and the planet. Rejoice in simple food, good company, restful relaxation and the joy of sharing.

Dressing for warmth and vitality in Winter

Everyone needs to dress well in Winter, but especially if you get cold hands and feet. These tips will help your circulation and nourish your body's deepest energies. Staying warm in winter is a must if you're trying to conceive a baby!

Goji Berry and Apple Crumble (Gluten-free)

This warming dessert will fill the room with vanilla and spice aromas. It's gluten-free, low in fat and has no cane sugar.

Gentle Spring detoxing

Spring is the perfect time to have a gentle detox, a "Spring Cleaning" within! Follow these Chinese-medicine guidelines to protect and nurture your inner resources while you gently let go of the heaviness of Winter.

Protect yourself from the wind – prevent cold & flu

In Chinese medicine, if you're exposed to wind then you are much more likely to develop cold and flu, and this is definitely a pattern that acupuncturists see regularly in their clients when the weather is changing. Learn how to protect yourself and do "first aid" to ward off illness.

Alternatives to white sugar

White sugar is sugar cane juice that has been highly refined, so all that is left is “empty” energy. The less refined the sugar product, the more complex it is, because it contains other nutrients. Substituting more complex sugars in place of white sugar can be an important first step in breaking a sugar addiction. Use this chart to see what you can find at the health food store to use in place of white sugar in recipes.

Making the most of Autumn

  The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and the still afternoon air echoes with the sound of migrating birds heading for warmer […]

Winter warming

  With the cold winter weather, it’s important to keep yourself warm, from the inside out.  By taking care of yourself in the winter time, you […]

Beating cold and flu in Autumn

  Take these simple steps to ward off colds and flu and stay healthy in the cooler months.   Rug up According to Chinese medicine, colds […]